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“Why?” – 20 questions from a three year old (in one morning)


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  1. What is Mr. Sunshine saying? (He says “Hello!”)
  2. What is Mr. Sunshine saying now? (Um, “How are you today?”)
  3. Why is Mr. Sunshine asking me that? (Uh, I don’t know. I thought…well, never mind.)
  4. What does “never mind” mean? (It means, uh, don’t worry about it.)
  5. But why would I worry about it?
  6. Where are my shoes? (By the door.)
  7. Which door? (The one right there. The front door.)
  8. Why are they by that door? (That’s where you left them when we came home.)
  9. Why? (Um, because that’s where you decided to leave them.)
  10. But why did I do that? (It was easier?)
  11. Why was it easier? (I don’t know, maybe because we had just come in the door and you dropped them there?)
  12. But why don’t you know???
  13. (Don’t touch that, it’s dirty.) Why is it dirty?
  14. (It has germs on it.) And what would do you if I touched it?
  15. (I would be upset because you didn’t listen and your hand would be dirty.) And what would you say?
  16. (…I would say, “I told you not to touch that.”) And then what would you do?
  17. (Then we would have to clean your hand.) Why?
  18. What does “why” mean? (Because you want more information.)
  19. Why do I ask “why?” (Because you are learning.)
  20. Why do I need to learn? (So you no longer have to ask WHY.)


Questions & Demands From A Two Year Old – The Saga Continues



*Editor’s note – this series will be changing soon, as my two year old is only weeks away from being three. Who knows what she will come up with then…*

  • “Mommy – stop talking.”
  • “Can you sing the happy rain drops song?”
  • *dramatic sobs* “But I want to close the refrigerator!”
  • (Did you have fun at the playground today?) “There were screams.”
  • (Hey look, it’s Santa!) “He has a scratchy face.”
  • (What’s the name of that little horse?) “Bloosh.” (Oh, what’s he eating?) “Bloosh.”
  • “Sometimes the shadows take me out of my crib.” (What!?) “Just kidding, it was Grandpa. Heh.”
  • *Twirls in a circle* “Eeeks, my house won’t stop moving!”
  • (Okay, time to wash our hands.) “But I want to wash my hands!” (Okay. Push your sleeves up…) “But I want to push up my sleeves!” (Okay. Now get the soap on your hands like…) “But I want to put soap on my hands!” (Okay…now scrub, scrub…) “But I want to scrub!” (No problem…now, rinse!) “Mommy, can you wash my hands?”
  • “Mommy – I love you.”

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