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Category: random thoughts

New Horizons


It’s near the end of the first month of 2017…wow. January has been a busy month of birthdays, anniversaries, family visits, ice skating lessons and pretty much everything else in between. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m having a baby in about six weeks? *insert ten thousand other things that need to be done before baby #2 comes*

I have a lovely list of goals for 2017 outlined on the front page of my obsessively detailed 2017 planner (which I live by.) I’m calling them my New Horizons¬†because I’m excited about the direction it will take me and my writing. I’m hoping to expand No Wyverns Publishing, release three new fiction titles this year, and explore the world of non-fiction writing. Another goal on my list? Aim for 100 rejections this year. That’s right. The more rejections = the more I’m submitting my work out there.

Oh yeah, did I mention I’m having a baby in six weeks? Don’t worry, that event is on my planner, too.

“My New Writing Space”

IMG_20160125_235705 [146698]


I am sitting in a room filled with things from another room.

Memories bound in the hollow lamp stand or the picture that now looks different in this light. On the walls, I see the paint of another era and I know. I know.

I am in a new writing space, but it is a good place.  I think about the placement of this room compared to another room and now it all makes strange sense. Above me, the mountains and the valleys and the caverns in between that sprawl across the ceiling tell of a landscape still undiscovered.

Maybe if I keep peeling back the layers of wallpaper I will find what I am looking for.