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Happy 2018! Anyone else taking place in the Goodreads Reading Challenge? One of my goals for this year is to up my time dedicated to reading…my evenings should be spent either writing, reading, or yes, occasionally watching reality TV.

So far this year, I am two books into my 25 book goal. I consumed Murder on the Orient Express and cannot wait to get my hands or Kindle e-reader on more Poirot. He is by far one of my favorite fictional characters and Christie’s magnificently constructed story….well, it’s no surprise this story has stuck around as long as it has.

My second book for the year…The Handmaid’s Tale. I wanted to love this book. I wanted to REALLY love this book. I have a Margaret Atwood quote hanging up in my office, for goodness sake. But I felt unable to connect with the main character, Offred, from the start. I’ve spent a good deal of time pondering if this was all part of Atwood’s plan, to keep us disconnected from Offred just as she was disconnecting herself from her terrible predicament. Yet still, it kept me distracted from the story. I loved the ending and how it substantiated the tone of the book. And, of course, Atwood’s use of language and sentence structure is right up my alley.

Good luck to you, fellow reader! Future books on my horizon include The Great Gatsby and a range of Sci-Fi classics. Happy reading!

Summer pics and Snapchat

This summer has been amazing so far…with great things still planned for the future. I’ve been trying to capture it with random pictures. We are going to the coast in 2 weeks. Please prepare for ten thousand pictures to follow.


IMG_0431 image3 (2) IMG_0537
IMG_0165 image2 (3) image3 (1)
image1 (3) image2 (2) image4 (1)


And, of course, there’s been Snapchat. Lots of Snapchat.

IMG_0056 image4 (2) image2 (4) image1 (4) image3 (3)










Twas 27 nights before Christmas…


Twas 27 nights before Christmas

And all through the house

Lay decoration after decoration

And a very tired spouse.

Because instead of relaxing

Or shopping and eating pie

Mommy Ritch commanded Christmas stuff

Be brought down from way up high.

So all morning and afternoon

Was spent hauling and unwrapping

Lighting the three Christmas trees

And yes, maybe some snacking.

But in the end, you can see

Twas all for good and cheer

And we won’t think about the work

To pack it all up for next year.


IMG_20151129_211710 IMG_20151129_190325964 IMG_20151129_211447 IMG_20151128_203810532
IMG_20151129_211155 IMG_20151129_211546 IMG_20151129_190548473 IMG_20151129_211833


And now I say…”Good night!”

Maybe If I Send This To-Do List Into Cyberspace I Will Actually Complete It aka A Glimpse Into My Madness

To – Do – List
(to be completed in no particular order)
  • Eat cookies.
  • Start my next short story.
  • Stop going on Pinterest, and especially TMZ.
  • Figure out why my Pandora mobile app is not working.
  • Stop procrastinating and start my next short story.
  • Make more money.
  • Find ways to save money.
  • Care less about the importance of money.
  • Dye my hair.
  • Reorganize my daughter’s pants drawer.
  • Reorganize my pants drawer.
  • Drink less coffee.
  • Get more than five and a half hours of sleep per night.
  • Stop pressing snooze on the alarm for 35 minutes, that would bring you up to 6 hours of sleep.
  • Think about exercise.
  • Create a Craft.
  • Go to the Dermatologist.
  • Watch a TV show that is not Big Brother or Game of Thrones.
  • Wash things.
  • Sterilize things with vinegar, like freshening the kitchen drain.
  • Paint your fingernails an appropriate color for the season.
  • Eat cookies for energy to complete above tasks.
  • Stop making lists.

Laundry Room Renovation – done!

I <3 you.

It only took six months…but IT. IS. DONE!

As mentioned in my previous posts, having a dedicated Laundry Room has always been a house dream of mine. Not until our recent move did that dream become a real possibility. And now…it’s reality! Here’s a story in pictures. As you will remember, this is what I started with:


Hmm. Functional…? Kind of. When we merged households, we were left/blessed with two sets of washer and dryers. The house came with ancient 80’s linoleum (did I just say that??) and lots of Granny oak wood details.

Laundry Chute of Spiders and Splinters
The crookedy cupboards in the top left actually catch the clothes that drop from the laundry chute that starts in the master bedroom. May I mention here that the laundry chute was very splintery…it’s as though they carved the hole for the chute but left it at that. 

Now the laundry room renovation has started. 
I’ve picked the colors (bright yellow, gray and Tiffany blue accents)
No more linoleum!

Um, we still have to do laundry in here…

And now…Voila!

Fresh, painted walls. New tile floor. Cute decorations.

 Oh, and that laundry chute? 

BAM. What up now, spiders?

Huge shout out to my husband for his custom shelving and drying rack. 

(I’m jealous of myself.)

No more hanging clothes off the shower rack.

Here’s some more images…yes, that is a fold out ironing board.

All in all, this laundry room has been worth the time and expense. Having the two laundry machines has transformed my weekends. I am no longer a slave for an entire Saturday to 8 loads of laundry. Now, I just spend half a day! I had a blast picking out paint colors, scouring Goodwill for trinkets and documenting the room as it transformed.
As someone that spent years in her twenties going to the laundry mat and having a shared apartment laundry room – trust me, I appreciate what I have. 

Bring on the laundry!

Pinterest, how I love/loathe thee

Good ol’ Pinterest. 

That guilty pleasure and time sucker, drawing you in hypnotically, pin after pin. I find that when I visit Pinterest, I either pin ALOT or nothing at all. I haven’t quite figured out why or what influences this, but sometimes I fall hard. Amassing projects that I will supposedly have time for someday, like this:

Suitcase Fairy Garden

I mean, c’mon, when would I ever have time to make that? But it’s saved on the “My Next Projects!!!!” board just in case.

I have had some Pinterest “success” – I guess:



An Erin Ritch Original

Not bad, I thought, but my husband said it looked like a turkey with a large piece of red snot. Oh well, moving on:



Found the right font that matched!

Pretty good, right??? Okay, it would have been really hard to mess that one up. Here’s another:



Wow, my back porch looks bad.
So I sound pretty successful right? Well, wrong. The thing is, I have no photo proof of my epic Pinterest Fails. They usually promptly wind up in the trash. For example, one day I tried making this for a gathering with my girlfriends – how cute, right? And it’s deviled eggs, how hard can that be? The recipe broke down to adding a dash of paprika to the yolk mixture and then topping it with a tiny piece of scallion.

Now I wish I had taken a picture, but it turned out horrible. Really they were just orange deviled eggs. I even tried drawing the lines in the yolk to mimic the pumpkin effect, bless my little heart. 

Oh well, there’s always the next pin. And the next. And the next. And the next….