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Summer updates

Ahhh…summer. Long days. Really early mornings. Really, really hot temperatures. And too many activities out in those really, really hot temperatures. (Can you tell I’m a fall/winter gal?)

But I’ve got some air conditioned plans coming up in the future! I’ll be attending the Willamette Writers Conference August 3-5 in Portland, Oregon. If you haven’t attended before, it’s a GREAT conference filled with workshops for every interest. I’ve made some great contacts in the past and it is just a great feeling to commiserate with hundreds of other authors who are all toiling away on their projects as much as you!

I’m also participating in a My Book Cave promotion called “Lost in Time” with over a dozen other authors. You can download a copy of our offered book for free (I have “Memories Wait Alone” up there now!) in exchange for signing up for our newsletter. If you’re interested, you can snag a free book here until August 6th!

In other book news, I am THISCLOSE to finishing the final draft on “The Reanimation of Robert.” I can’t wait to share this book with all of you. It’s been several years in the making but I’m proud of the themes addressed and the main character is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Be patient with me, gentle reader. I only get work done when everyone else is asleep (and I probably should be, too.)

I’m still here…


Searching for seed starts. No, that’s not me.

It’s been a busy month between gardening, editing, editing, and more editing. Each day that passes by gets me closer to my (self-imposed) deadline of having the 3rd draft of “Myth” done by the 31st. (*breaks out in sweat*)

I’m getting there and churning out some great changes…but UGH I’M SO TIRED (*end whine*)

In other exciting news: I’m working with two amazing artists who are creating original artwork for the cover of two of my books. I am loving the collaborate process and amazed at how my stories are literally coming to life with their creative help. I can’t wait to reveal the finished covers to you all!

That’s all from me, it’s back to editing. Please send chocolate.



The sound of flip flops in the water. The rush of wind as it passes me by. The call of the night, brisk and cool through the open window, whispering my name. Random thoughts that strung together make perfect sense. Sweat that exhilarates, like steam bursting from an engine run wild. A tiny heartbeat fluttering against my fingertip.  A happy laugh that echoes and echoes until there are no more mountains to spring from. Sweet rain that washes the mind clean. Thunder that rattles the wind chimes. A smile before sleep. And an indigo sky tucked behind the treeline, quiet silhouettes that watch over the night.

The Strangest Storm


Image credit Tech Haven

One night, the rain came in the strangest way, they say. In a whisper and then in a shout, it covered the ground with water black as that night itself. The rain coaxed the plants above the soil, leaving them to float aimlessly atop the rivers of water, like corpses with nowhere to go. With faces pressed against the steamy glass, all you could do is watch the rain dump from the sky, transforming passerbys into blurry figures that scattered from the storm.

“Why?” – 20 questions from a three year old (in one morning)


Image credit Virtual EyeSee

  1. What is Mr. Sunshine saying? (He says “Hello!”)
  2. What is Mr. Sunshine saying now? (Um, “How are you today?”)
  3. Why is Mr. Sunshine asking me that? (Uh, I don’t know. I thought…well, never mind.)
  4. What does “never mind” mean? (It means, uh, don’t worry about it.)
  5. But why would I worry about it?
  6. Where are my shoes? (By the door.)
  7. Which door? (The one right there. The front door.)
  8. Why are they by that door? (That’s where you left them when we came home.)
  9. Why? (Um, because that’s where you decided to leave them.)
  10. But why did I do that? (It was easier?)
  11. Why was it easier? (I don’t know, maybe because we had just come in the door and you dropped them there?)
  12. But why don’t you know???
  13. (Don’t touch that, it’s dirty.) Why is it dirty?
  14. (It has germs on it.) And what would do you if I touched it?
  15. (I would be upset because you didn’t listen and your hand would be dirty.) And what would you say?
  16. (…I would say, “I told you not to touch that.”) And then what would you do?
  17. (Then we would have to clean your hand.) Why?
  18. What does “why” mean? (Because you want more information.)
  19. Why do I ask “why?” (Because you are learning.)
  20. Why do I need to learn? (So you no longer have to ask WHY.)


Spring Cleaning – Weeding Out the Darlings

IMG_20160418_203940609 [133696]

Editing by computer monitor light…yay?

If I fall a bit radio silent over the next few weeks, it’s because I’m diving into Draft Three of “Myth.”

I’ll still be posting “Late Night Writing Prompts” and a few other pieces I have in mind, partly because this helps keep my sanity when I’m doing heavy editing. If you haven’t guessed, editing is not my favorite thing in the world. While some writers love it, I see it as a necessary evil – like going to the dentist. (No offense to any dentists out there.) You’ve got to go. You’ve got to get your cleanings. You’ve got to hear the bad news about what needs pulled or what needs taken apart and put back together.  (Yep, seeing a lot of similarities here.)

But this is all worth it, because I am so excited with the direction that “Myth” is going – I have some amazing things to share soon. Summer will be great.

Now just to survive the work that spring is requiring in order to make summer great.
(By the way, I also need to go to the dentist. For real.)

Late Night Writing Prompt – “The Coffee Shop”


Photo credit Christopher Michel

The coffee shop feels hot yet cool. This day is a strange limbo between winter and spring, where a coat is still needed but not necessary. The air is aromatic and full of old, damp grinds that catch in the light like dark snowflakes. The dull hubbub of conversation makes your eyes lose focus as your mind melts into an old, safe memory. To a place that is not this day with these problems. So you forget the revving cars and noise outside to take this moment and think of nothing but this place. And these dull sounds. And this gloriously simple coffee.

What day is it? It’s February, right?


Image credit Red Stamp

This has been the week of strangeness, as the flu has been going around my house. (And around again.) I hope you enjoyed “Queen of the Red Snow” which I managed to finish before the flu struck me down. I’ve got some exciting things wrapping up/planned for this month…if I can just complete a thought through the haze of nasal decongestants.

Also, ICYMI, here was my contribution to The Theopathy League this week – my review/thoughts on Brenda Ueland’s “If You Want To Write”

Until next week!

“My New Writing Space”

IMG_20160125_235705 [146698]


I am sitting in a room filled with things from another room.

Memories bound in the hollow lamp stand or the picture that now looks different in this light. On the walls, I see the paint of another era and I know. I know.

I am in a new writing space, but it is a good place.  I think about the placement of this room compared to another room and now it all makes strange sense. Above me, the mountains and the valleys and the caverns in between that sprawl across the ceiling tell of a landscape still undiscovered.

Maybe if I keep peeling back the layers of wallpaper I will find what I am looking for.

Publishing Progress Report


Image credit Jurgen Appelo

In the interest of keeping readers updated (okay, to keep myself on track), I wanted to start a Publishing Progress Report for my works in progress. Unfortunately I am unable to capture every single thing I have running through my mind at 2 am, as that would require another blog altogether called Crazy Erin’s Checklist.

Here we go:

  • One book thisclose to finishing the final proof edit
  • One short story that is ⅗ way complete (Yes, ⅗)
  • New novel tentatively called “The Reanimation of Robert” (goal is to finish in 3 months)
  • Finished novel that is in need of another heavy edit + more Beta reviews + design concept
  • Shopping “Memories Wait Alone” to local bookstores and online book bloggers
  • Various web and social media projects, such as this blog

Writing it down doesn’t look so bad, but they all seem to be annoying close to being done. Well, except that new novel. And that heavy edit.

Drat, I better get to work.