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Summer updates

Ahhh…summer. Long days. Really early mornings. Really, really hot temperatures. And too many activities out in those really, really hot temperatures. (Can you tell I’m a fall/winter gal?)

But I’ve got some air conditioned plans coming up in the future! I’ll be attending the Willamette Writers Conference August 3-5 in Portland, Oregon. If you haven’t attended before, it’s a GREAT conference filled with workshops for every interest. I’ve made some great contacts in the past and it is just a great feeling to commiserate with hundreds of other authors who are all toiling away on their projects as much as you!

I’m also participating in a My Book Cave promotion called “Lost in Time” with over a dozen other authors. You can download a copy of our offered book for free (I have “Memories Wait Alone” up there now!) in exchange for signing up for our newsletter. If you’re interested, you can snag a free book here until August 6th!

In other book news, I am THISCLOSE to finishing the final draft on “The Reanimation of Robert.” I can’t wait to share this book with all of you. It’s been several years in the making but I’m proud of the themes addressed and the main character is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Be patient with me, gentle reader. I only get work done when everyone else is asleep (and I probably should be, too.)

Indie Author Day 2017

Happy Indie Author Day!

All images via @bookfairies_oregon


This year, I was lucky enough to get involved with the wonderful organization Book Fairies for Indie Author Day. If you’re unfamiliar with these little sprinklers of literary magic, there are Book Fairies around the world who hide books for others to enjoy and share again. They were such a pleasure and so gracious from Day One and what a wonderful way to support indie authors!

Copies of MythMemories Wait Alone, and Quinn Family Adventures were hidden at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon. I want to try to find them myself, I LOVE TREASURE HUNTS! So good luck, book hunters, and let me know if you find a copy!

THREE Goodreads Giveaways!

That’s right…I’ve gone crazy, running three different Goodreads promotions at once! Actually, I had so much fun (and success!) with my most recent giveaway for Myth, I had to give it another go. So feel free to enter them all and hopefully you’ll win!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Myth by Erin Ritch


by Erin Ritch

Giveaway ends October 12, 2016.

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at Goodreads.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Memories Wait Alone by Erin Ritch

Memories Wait Alone

by Erin Ritch

Giveaway ends October 12, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Quinn Family Adventures Book One by Erin Ritch

The Quinn Family Adventures Book One

by Erin Ritch

Giveaway ends October 12, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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The of Summer ’16

I’m excited to say I am thisclose to finishing the third draft of “Myth” and the artwork for the cover is looking amazing. The release of “Myth” will be timed perfectly with the two book fairs I will be attending this summer. I’m really looking forward to bringing No Wyverns Publishing to these events and meeting/networking with other authors. Oh yeah, and selling books!!

Here’s where I’ll be this summer!


Saturday, July 30th, 2016
Pioneer Square/ Portland, OR
Booth # 50

I’ve been assigned the booth near the Starbucks…man, did they figure me out or what! 9 Bridges is an organization of writers based out of Portland. I signed up for this festival immediately once registration was open back in January! No Wyverns Publishing will have our own table there. I’m really excited about the other authors that will be at this event as well. It’s in the middle of summer so I’ll be well-hydrated…oh yeah, and also well caffeinated.


Saturday, August 20th, 2016
1747 Hwy 101/ Lincoln City, OR

Finally! I’ve been wanting to join the Northwest Author Fair for several years now, but due to limited space and the popularity of the event, I haven’t been able to get in until now! Again, the list of authors that will be here are amazing…and I get to spend the day at the coast. Sign me up!

I’ll be selling/signing copies of all three of my titles at these events – “Memories Wait Alone”, “Quinn Family Adventures” (with its brand new cover!) and “Myth.” I can’t wait but I have a lot to do before then…so its back to editing and…oh yeah, more editing. Cheers!

Things I Love…


Social media is a big part of being a writer now-a-days – especially if you’re an indie publisher.

By incorporating images or graphics into your posts, it creates a “visual stop” for readers casually scrolling through Facebook or Twitter feeds. And every time someone stops to read your post, it could lead to a visit to your website, where you have a chance to introduce them to your writing.

I typically utilize my own photos or images that I find online which are allowed under Creative Commons. I always have some sort of image connected to each blog post, at this point it just feels weird not to. But due to my extreme lack of knowledge in design, I haven’t been able to include any graphics with my posts…until now.

A fellow writer introduced me to a design website called Canva. It. Is. Awesome. Right from the beginning, the site starts you off with a basic template in the correct dimensions for your desired social media account – ie, certain dimensions are better for Twitter vs. Facebook posts, etc. (Ever seen those images on Twitter that are cut off weird? Oh yeah, a few of them have been from me.)

Canva is very user friendly – they have free templates you can build off or some paid templates available for one dollar. Additionally, there is a plethora of free images, icons, lines, and most of all…text designs. I spent hours experimenting with different text designs while creating several graphics for my currently running Kindle Countdown deal on “Memories Wait Alone.” And I didn’t have to spend that long…I was just having a blast doing it. Here’s what I came up with:

99 SALE SALE (1)

Keep in mind the only media I supplied was the image of the book cover of “Memories Wait Alone.”

All other images, text blocks, bursts, and the grid of an E-reader were provided free by Canva. I scheduled these graphics to post three times a day on Twitter during this promotion and have had great success with “retweets” and new followers on my account.

I decided to also update my cover pages on both my Twitter account (graphic above) and my Facebook “Author’s Page” – took me less than 20 minutes each as I worked completely off one of the free templates built specifically for cover pages. Finished graphics can be downloaded as a JPEG or immediately posted to social media. Easy. Easy. Easy. I love it.

I will definitely continue to use Canva, I really recommend it for any artists out there trying to create eye-catching graphics for their social media. And did I mention, free? Have fun!


This is me.


Reading my first review for “Memories Wait Alone” on Amazon.

Read for…free?

Yep, free.*

* = Just means you have to leave a review on Amazon. Otherwise, yep, still free.

Before I started self/independently publishing, I didn’t really understand why authors were pushing so hard for reviews. I mean, I’m hoping if you’re at the point where once you’ve published a book…you’ve had enough feedback on the story, right?

Well, right. But that’s a different kind of review that an author uses (or should use) to craft the best book possible. Right now I’m talking about Amazon reviews, which can be long and hateful or short and sweet. Either way, its evidence that someone read your book. And that helps separate my book from the thousands and thousands of other E-books that have not been read. Which means someone might take a chance and buy that book for .99. Every dollar counts and just allows me to keep doing what I love…writing stories.

I stumbled upon a website called Story Cartel several weeks ago – it seems like a great resource. An author (me) can upload my book (Memories Wait Alone) and they will offer the book as a free download promotion for 3 weeks. Anyone that downloads the book is asked to leave a review on Amazon and in exchange, get entered in drawings for prizes.

So I thought I’d give it a go – if you are interested, check out the link here!

Either way, it’s always cool to see my book on another website. =D

IMG_20160127_134155723_HDR [266032]

Well, hello there.

“Memories Wait Alone” promotional materials

I’ve been working hard this week on coming up with a promotional design I can use for my Historical Fiction book Memories Wait Alone. I’ve put this as a top priority as I know I need to allow time for printing/shipping and I’m a standstill until I receive these.

My plan was to use a version of the cover design so a potential customer could locate the book itself (if the promotional materials have done their job and piqued their interest…). After much discussion and several revisions, here’s a look at the final poster design. Instead of a tagline, I went for descriptive words of the main character himself, Cecil Sherbowe. Each word represents an important part of his character. The black and white photo and the word “Aristocrat” sets the time period of the novel. I wanted to put some sort of link to my social media or how to contact me, so my website address is located at the bottom left.
MWA final poster


I think bookmarks are a great advertising tool (who doesn’t want to grab a free bookmark!?) but finding a cost effective printer took some research. We finally found a great deal on that allowed the order to make sense. I invested in 500 bookmarks but I believe it will be worth it. Here are the front/back designs for the bookmark.



bookmark side 1 for blog


I think its fantastic that these tools are in our hands and – if you do your research – pretty darn affordable. More power to the author!

Judge a book by its cover

 After returning from a fantastic Willamette Writers Conference last weekend, I’ve been reflecting on the Self Publishing workshop I attended. One of the topics was about the importance and impact of cover design for your books. It made me take a critical look at my current books out there…

The cover of “The County Place” (my first self published book) was designed by my husband, Nick. I love it because, due to the title, we get the setting of the book…but the bottom photo gives the reader that initial visual to build off of.

The plot of this book revolves around three sisters, as suggested by the top photo of the statue. I love this because it’s timeless, much like the different dramas the sisters experience that are recurring through many sibling relationships.

I wish I had a picture of the spine of the book, but you’ll just have to take my word on this. There is a small icon of a cat at the bottom of the spine. The family cat plays an important part in the book…it may or may not be the spirit of the sisters’ deceased mother. I guess you’d have to read the book to find out…

The only downside I can see here is this image would be unclear shrunk down to the size of a thumbnail, which is critical for online searches. Also, I should lose “A Novel by…” We’re all grown ups here, I think we get it.

This is my more recent self published book “Memories Wait Alone“. It’s a historical fiction novella about a man who is haunted by the (literal) ghosts of his past. By the time I got to the cover design, I realized I wanted something simple. I became inspired by image searches from the early 1900’s, but couldn’t find anything suitable that was copyright free.

I remembered this picture of my great-grandfather and it was PERFECT. No, the story is not about him….but that haunted look in his eyes does fit with the main character perfectly. So after a bit of Photoshop by yours truly, voila – cover is done.

I’m on the fence about “A Novella by…” I wanted to be clear this was a shorter book (about 50,000 words) whereas The Country Place was over 90,000.  Not as much bang for your buck…but probably not necessary.

And completely unrelated, other than it does show a book cover – here is my adorable daughter “reading” her new favorite book. Have I mentioned my daughter is going to change the world? She’s off to a great start, already.