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Out with the old/In with the new

Hello, I’m here!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far, that’s for sure. I had my second daughter in March (hello, Esper!) and only just recently reclaimed my late-night writing/editing/business time after the kids go to sleep. (That’s right, my baby is sleeping through the night. Huzzah!) So things are in motion…it may be slow motion, but it’s onward and upward from here.

There are several projects in the works that will be released this summer. AND, have you noticed the amazing logo at the top of this post? No Wyverns Publishing has a brand new logo and website design and I LOVE it. Now I can finally go swag-purchasing-crazy. (No Wyverns shirts, anyone?)

In other news….the e-book for Myth will be on sale for .99 from June 23-30….so grab it while you can! I’m super excited about this sale, this is my first paid promotion that I have invested in. Several e-book deal sites will be including Myth in their daily deals email blast, which enables me to reach many, many more potential readers. Fingers crossed, I’ll post results after the promotion ends, which hopefully will be filled with many smiley faces and exclamation points.

Lastly, I’ve only planned one event (so far!) for 2017, and that’s the NW Book Festival in Portland, OR on July 29th. I attended this event last year and had great success, not only selling books but meeting other authors, as well. I’ll be at booth 45, over in the shady area by the Starbucks (hmmm, how convenient!) It’ll be hot. Guaranteed.

That’s all for now, check back for more frequent posts – I promise!


This is me.


Reading my first review for “Memories Wait Alone” on Amazon.

Things I love…Create 365, The Happy Planner!


I have always been obsessed with planners.

Seriously, I love them.

There is nothing like knowing the jumble of birthdays, to-do lists, meetings, doctor appointments and other random thoughts to remember are now neatly organized on a piece of paper for my reference. I remember several insane months from back in college (Winter term, 2001 – to be exact. Yikes, I’m old.) where I took on more credits than any human should. I mean, it was like 23 credits. The only way I survived was precisely planning out every single day of that term, right down to scheduling time to re-evaluate my planner. I’m not joking. And guess what? That was an A+ term, baby!


Now, with the introduction of smart phones and shared calendars, I’ve strayed from my tried and true method of organization on paper. And it just is not the same. The pop up reminders that I had carefully scheduled for myself at reasonable increments are now obnoxious. And because I know these alerts are coming, I tend to forget to check my schedule ahead of time. Also, I somehow manage to create 2 copies of every “event” with Google calendar, so that my 6 month cleaning at the dentist becomes a explosion of reminders and traffic delay alerts (twice, remember) on my phone. It’s already bad enough having to go to the dentist, don’t rub it in!

These all sound like extremely trivial and whiny complaints, I admit it. But I missed my old organization system and when my friend told me about this planner, I had to check it out. And I love it so much, now I have to share.


Here’s the planner I picked up, created by Me and My Big Ideas. It took me forever to find it at Michael’s…and that is because  there is an entire aisle dedicated to this brand! I am in love. There are stickers, expansion packs, dividers, household organizers, etc etc etc etc. I’m a little afraid for my bank account. Their website even has a video tutorial demonstrating each month (do they know their audience or what?)

Amazon has the planner I purchased (after spending 20 minutes agonizing between the different designs) and quite a few of the extra goodies as well.

The cost is a bit more than I would usually consider paying for a planner, but the design is worth it. Here are some of the cute details inside:
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Also I like it that the planner itself is not too heavy…of course, if I happen to start buying expansion packs, that’s probably going to change. Who am I kidding. That’s definitely going to happen.  😉

“Memories Wait Alone” – available in print!

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Super excited that my Historical Fiction novella “Memories Wait Alone” is now available in print! I wrote this story several years ago and spent my maternity leave with my daughter editing it (because I had nothing else going on…right!? *note extreme sarcasm*). After some cover updates, I recently relaunched the story as a Kindle E-book. But there is nothing like the feeling of seeing your book as real book!

Here’s a synopsis of the story:

It is 1885 and Cecil Sherbowe has everything he could ever want in life. He has led a privileged childhood, raised in a large estate nestled in the plains of the English countryside. He is in line to inherit his family’s property. That is, if he can fulfill his father’s archaic wishes. Under the watchful eye of his cantankerous caretaker Ananias, Cecil is ordered to spend several months working in the poverty stricken village of The Deverills. Intending to break him of his vanity and pride, instead his months at The Deverills introduce Cecil to a new infatuation – a beautiful village woman named Natalie. When he is forced to choose between her and his freedom, Cecil spends years chasing after his lost love, from the Boer War of Africa to the speakeasies of 1920’s New York City. In order to reunite with the woman he loves, Cecil may have to lose everything along the way.

Right now the book is only available on Amazon but I’m working on getting copies in local bookstores soon. If you happen to get a copy – thank you so much! – and please leave a review. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


New book release announcement! “The Mayan Ruins”


I’m excited to announce that the start of my new series “The Quinn Family Adventures” has just been released on Kindle E-book! “The Mayan Ruins” is book one in this series, which is aimed towards preteens and lower middle grade readers. It’s a fun, exciting read that I hope will inspire young readers to explore more of the fascinating world of history that we have at our fingertips. 

Here’s a quick synopsis:

13 year old Dawn is the daughter of the two famous archaeologists, Stanley and Alana Quinn. Their expeditions have taken them from one end of the earth to the other – and this time, they will travel to the mysterious rain forests of Guatemala. The Quinn family has been asked to find the Mayan Ruins, structures hidden somewhere near the sleeping volcanoes of the country’s Northern Region. Aided by local guides and Dawn’s new friend, Juanita, the Quinn family starts their expedition only to be split up in the thick maze of the Guatemalan jungle. When Dawn’s parents become captured by local thieves, she must use all her skills (and the help of her new friends) to find the Mayan Ruins, escape the jungle and save her family.

Only .99 now on Amazon! 

I plan on releasing more titles in the series in the upcoming weeks!