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Artist Spotlight…Loreena McKennitt

As I have mentioned before, I love Celtic music. My birthday was last week, and my thoughtful husband bought tickets to take us to see Loreena McKennitt in concert.

Love. True love. <3

It was amazing! You can’t beat seeing a performer live, it’s a completely different experience than listening through the speakers.

IMG_20160325_195512876 [3359715]
Blurry. Very blurry.
If you aren’t familiar with her background or style, Loreena draws much of her inspiration from history, especially that of the Celts. She’s traveled around the world to visit many of the places that become subject in her songs. Not only does Loreena sing “my kind of music” but I also admire her as another artist. She founded her own record label called Quinlan Road, selling her music via snail mail and producing her own concerts. I read another article about her that said her style was “just too different” from what was out there at the time. During the concert I attended, she shared stories of her days busking in Europe to help sell her music.

I always like to learn about other artists and how they began, even if its in a medium that I have zero capabilities in, such as music. Loreena has been composing and performing music for decades, so if you look her up, I bet you’ll find something you will connect with.

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