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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Couldn't find a 4 leaf one. Wait...this is clover, right?
Couldn’t find a 4 leaf one. Wait…this is clover, right?


(I’m not wearing green, although my argument is that my hazel eyes have me covered for life.)

This week has flown by – I’ve released Myth to the Beta Readers, been volunteering on a project with Willamette Writers and also hard at work on my next book, titled The Reanimation of Robert. I’m very happy with how this book is turning out, which right now is in falling into some sort of Literary/Paranormal/Mystery/Psychological genre at the moment. (Must remember for future keywords for Amazon.) My “goal*” is to have the book finished by mid April, by which time I will have Myth back from the Beta Readers. I have several book fairs coming up this summer and the more content I can have done by then, the better!

“goal*” = Task to be completed by not losing my sanity or getting less than 5 hours of sleep per night. 

Time for corned beef!!


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