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Things I Love….The X-Files

I want to go there.
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Seriously, I love The X-Files. Like, seriously.

My brother and I were obsessed with The X-Files, I think I have watched the entire series twice through. (Although, that last season was a bit…well…we won’t talk about it.) I really credit that show with inspiring my love of the paranormal in storytelling. I loved the mix of conspiracy and “other worlds” in those quick sixty minutes. Of course, the show became even more relevant to me as it was obviously filmed in the Pacific Northwest. (*GASP* I live in the Pacific Northwest, too!)

I’ve read several articles on how many young women were inspired by the character of Dana Scully. I can understand that completely. She was analytical yet emotional. She was holding her own in a very male-dominant workplace. She’s also able to stick to her guns against her relentless male partner Fox Mulder. I liked and appreciated this dynamic. When I watched the show later as a more critical adult, I liked the mix of humor that the show creators kept throughout the series.

Tonight is The X-Files “revival” and I’m at close to same-level of excitement as I had for Star Wars/The Force Awakens. (Please be good. Please be good.) I think this excitement stems from that beautiful feeling of getting to revisit your childhood/teenage years, when you experienced these stories for the first time.

I wasn’t disappointed with Star Wars. I want to believe I won’t be disappointed with X-Files, either. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

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