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Publishing Progress Report


Image credit Jurgen Appelo

In the interest of keeping readers updated (okay, to keep myself on track), I wanted to start a Publishing Progress Report for my works in progress. Unfortunately I am unable to capture every single thing I have running through my mind at 2 am, as that would require another blog altogether called Crazy Erin’s Checklist.

Here we go:

  • One book thisclose to finishing the final proof edit
  • One short story that is ⅗ way complete (Yes, ⅗)
  • New novel tentatively called “The Reanimation of Robert” (goal is to finish in 3 months)
  • Finished novel that is in need of another heavy edit + more Beta reviews + design concept
  • Shopping “Memories Wait Alone” to local bookstores and online book bloggers
  • Various web and social media projects, such as this blog

Writing it down doesn’t look so bad, but they all seem to be annoying close to being done. Well, except that new novel. And that heavy edit.

Drat, I better get to work.

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