*Editor’s note – this series will be changing soon, as my two year old is only weeks away from being three. Who knows what she will come up with then…*

  • “Mommy – stop talking.”
  • “Can you sing the happy rain drops song?”
  • *dramatic sobs* “But I want to close the refrigerator!”
  • (Did you have fun at the playground today?) “There were screams.”
  • (Hey look, it’s Santa!) “He has a scratchy face.”
  • (What’s the name of that little horse?) “Bloosh.” (Oh, what’s he eating?) “Bloosh.”
  • “Sometimes the shadows take me out of my crib.” (What!?) “Just kidding, it was Grandpa. Heh.”
  • *Twirls in a circle* “Eeeks, my house won’t stop moving!”
  • (Okay, time to wash our hands.) “But I want to wash my hands!” (Okay. Push your sleeves up…) “But I want to push up my sleeves!” (Okay. Now get the soap on your hands like…) “But I want to put soap on my hands!” (Okay…now scrub, scrub…) “But I want to scrub!” (No problem…now, rinse!) “Mommy, can you wash my hands?”
  • “Mommy – I love you.”

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