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“Memories Wait Alone” promotional materials

I’ve been working hard this week on coming up with a promotional design I can use for my Historical Fiction book Memories Wait Alone. I’ve put this as a top priority as I know I need to allow time for printing/shipping and I’m a standstill until I receive these.

My plan was to use a version of the cover design so a potential customer could locate the book itself (if the promotional materials have done their job and piqued their interest…). After much discussion and several revisions, here’s a look at the final poster design. Instead of a tagline, I went for descriptive words of the main character himself, Cecil Sherbowe. Each word represents an important part of his character. The black and white photo and the word “Aristocrat” sets the time period of the novel. I wanted to put some sort of link to my social media or how to contact me, so my website address is located at the bottom left.
MWA final poster


I think bookmarks are a great advertising tool (who doesn’t want to grab a free bookmark!?) but finding a cost effective printer took some research. We finally found a great deal on that allowed the order to make sense. I invested in 500 bookmarks but I believe it will be worth it. Here are the front/back designs for the bookmark.



bookmark side 1 for blog


I think its fantastic that these tools are in our hands and – if you do your research – pretty darn affordable. More power to the author!

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