Twas 27 nights before Christmas

And all through the house

Lay decoration after decoration

And a very tired spouse.

Because instead of relaxing

Or shopping and eating pie

Mommy Ritch commanded Christmas stuff

Be brought down from way up high.

So all morning and afternoon

Was spent hauling and unwrapping

Lighting the three Christmas trees

And yes, maybe some snacking.

But in the end, you can see

Twas all for good and cheer

And we won’t think about the work

To pack it all up for next year.


IMG_20151129_211710 IMG_20151129_190325964 IMG_20151129_211447 IMG_20151128_203810532
IMG_20151129_211155 IMG_20151129_211546 IMG_20151129_190548473 IMG_20151129_211833


And now I say…”Good night!”