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Things I love…Create 365, The Happy Planner!


I have always been obsessed with planners.

Seriously, I love them.

There is nothing like knowing the jumble of birthdays, to-do lists, meetings, doctor appointments and other random thoughts to remember are now neatly organized on a piece of paper for my reference. I remember several insane months from back in college (Winter term, 2001 – to be exact. Yikes, I’m old.) where I took on more credits than any human should. I mean, it was like 23 credits. The only way I survived was precisely planning out every single day of that term, right down to scheduling time to re-evaluate my planner. I’m not joking. And guess what? That was an A+ term, baby!


Now, with the introduction of smart phones and shared calendars, I’ve strayed from my tried and true method of organization on paper. And it just is not the same. The pop up reminders that I had carefully scheduled for myself at reasonable increments are now obnoxious. And because I know these alerts are coming, I tend to forget to check my schedule ahead of time. Also, I somehow manage to create 2 copies of every “event” with Google calendar, so that my 6 month cleaning at the dentist becomes a explosion of reminders and traffic delay alerts (twice, remember) on my phone. It’s already bad enough having to go to the dentist, don’t rub it in!

These all sound like extremely trivial and whiny complaints, I admit it. But I missed my old organization system and when my friend told me about this planner, I had to check it out. And I love it so much, now I have to share.


Here’s the planner I picked up, created by Me and My Big Ideas. It took me forever to find it at Michael’s…and that is because  there is an entire aisle dedicated to this brand! I am in love. There are stickers, expansion packs, dividers, household organizers, etc etc etc etc. I’m a little afraid for my bank account. Their website even has a video tutorial demonstrating each month (do they know their audience or what?)

Amazon has the planner I purchased (after spending 20 minutes agonizing between the different designs) and quite a few of the extra goodies as well.

The cost is a bit more than I would usually consider paying for a planner, but the design is worth it. Here are some of the cute details inside:
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Also I like it that the planner itself is not too heavy…of course, if I happen to start buying expansion packs, that’s probably going to change. Who am I kidding. That’s definitely going to happen.  😉

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