“The Mist In Your Eyes” by Erin Ritch

Image credit Martin Brigden

I live for only minutes at a time. I change my shape with the fury of the wind. I am the tempest in the storm. I am the light on the hillside. I am the veil in the cold forest. You will see me and I will make you pause and think. If you look my way I will suspend you in time, just you and I, enveloped in a place where thoughts are free. Step into my depths and I will transport you to a timeless place. I will cloak you in the daytime and hide you in the night. 
I will inspire you but make you feel fear, because there is nothing else like me. 

I have more brothers and sisters than I know of, scattered across land and sea – ever living, ever dying. We can be alone or rally an army. We can be gone in a blink of the eye or linger in your mind. We do not how long we have but we will live it, reaching and moving through time. Some say I am water suspended in air. But I say I am the mist in your eyes.

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