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Questions and Demands From a Two Year Old – The Saga Continues

  • (What are you doing over there?) “I’m writing my memoirs.”
  • “Mommy, can I take my money to bed?” (Why?) *darkly* “So the bank doesn’t steal it…”
  • “This french fry tastes like yellow.”
  • “I had a dream that dinosaurs live in the walls!”
  • “I need my sparkles book.” (Uh, what is…that…) “My sparkles book!” (Editor’s note: It was a picture book about gemstones.)
  • “I got my hand stuck in the straight line!” (Editor’s note: It was the folding closet door.)
  • “Hahahahaha, the toilet paper is sinking!”
  • “I’m all done eating.” (Okay, can I have your plate – ) “Nooooo, I’m still eating!”
  • “No, I can do it myself. No, I can do it myself. NO, I CAN DO IT MYSELF. Can you help me?”

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