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The Business of Cards aka Not “House of Cards”

I wanted to call this blog post “House of Cards” but that just didn’t make sense. I just want to have some sort of connection to that amazing series and Kevin Spacey, that’s all.

*That reminds me of a story I have about Kevin Spacey*

Many moons ago, I went to school in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. – or, as some call it, Hollywood North. The town would frequently have random streets shut down due to filming or anticipation of filming. One time, I came out of the mall to see to the stunt double for one of those Superhero Movies hanging out on top of the Hudson Bay Company. Another time, while riding the bus, I passed a makeup-less Goldie Hawn standing outside of the library. I also saw Tom Welling of Smallville exiting a coffee shop. And Kurt Russell waiting in line for a movie with his son. Pretty exciting stuff, huh?
Well, just wait. 
One blustery winter afternoon, I was trudging through the rain on Granville street – probably on my way to the mall, again. I used the mall in downtown Vancouver as my underground tunnel system when it was raining, which was, well, most of the time. 
Something caught my eye from beneath the veil of my heavy hoodie as I waited at the crosswalk.The most impeccably dressed person – man or woman – I had ever seen. It was like a light shining down from heaven on this man, I think the rain was even avoiding his perfect presence. I mean, this outfit was coordinated with such detail and there was no wrinkle in sight. It looked expensive and he had this cap tilted just so. As I neared him, reality began to sink in. As we passed (with zero eye contact) I came full circle.
(By the way, he still did not make eye contact. Smart.)
I then whipped out my cell phone and proceeded to call numerous friends that I thought would be in the general vicinity. I lost all feeling in my legs so I couldn’t follow him (Smart. Because that’s called stalking.) And then he was gone as quickly as he had arrived. Walking down the road, minding his own business, ignoring the crazy girl behind him stuttering his name.
Oh yes, did I mention I have business cards now?

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