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102,815 and the Dreaded Question

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102,815 WORDS! That’s right, baby – my book is DONE!

And remember all my gibberish about finishing by the end of April? Well, I held myself to that deadline. Yes, it meant I spent the entire last week of April powering out 1500 words a night but…I finished at 10:30 pm on that very last day of April. WHEW.

It was certainly a mix of emotions…mostly being damn proud of myself. I think I would have shared this feat with more people except I knew I would then be faced with that dreaded question…

“So what’s your book about?”

Well. Do you have 4 hours, lots of caffeine to keep you alert and a ruled notebook? Because you’re going to need to take notes on my lengthy explanation. You may think it makes sense, but truly –  it won’t. And because I will be talking nonsense, I will then try to spin more nonsense to cover for the initial nonsense and make it sound more Literary. Following? In fact, you may even need to create a flow chart and then make a copy for me too, please. 

Priority #1 – come up with a synopsis. Fast.

Also, I found my final word count number to be interesting. 102,815. Could also be broken down into 102815…October 28th, 2015? Don’t try to follow the way my mind works, I just obsess about things like that. 

Anyway, I’m back and ready to edit. SO ready to edit. Because even though I did technically finish “the hard part”…there’s still lots of work to be done. As the saying goes, it’s time to go kill some darlings. (Then create more darlings and go back and slash those down as well. Bloody violent!)

Because I’m not really done until I’m done. And that’s okay but…oh bother.

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