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Erin’s Laundry Room – the dream begins

One of the things I LOVE about my new house is that it has a dedicated laundry room. 

I’ve always had homes where the washer and dryer were stuffed into some little closet or out in the garage. And I don’t even want to remember “the apartment days” where I had to carry the overflowing laundry basket down a flight of stairs…through the parking lot…across the lawn…until I finally reached the apartment complex laundry room, only to find all the washer and dryers were taken. Ugh.

Right now, the laundry room in this house is a blank slate. A messy blank slate. We have two sets of washer and dryers (a dream!!), a broken window, an entrance to the cellar (unseen, to the left) and various rugs that cover the dirty, peeling linoleum.

This is what I’m going for (which is completely reasonable and doable, no? Right!?)

Cool laundry room ideas
Building A House with Pinterest

I’m all about these corny signs and wall decorations too:

Home Talk

I’ll post updates as the room reno begins…but we’ve decided on Tiffany blue walls, light gray floors and yellow and white accents.

Uh oh, I’m falling down the Pinterest hole…look at these!!

Laundry Room Knobs

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