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Clean your brushes, you filthy animal

I spent the morning researching the best ways to clean your makeup brushes, as I decided my weekend chore for myself was cleaning my makeup station.  As gross as it sounds, I’ve never cleaned my makeup brushes. Horrible, right? Well, as I cleaned the gunk off my brushes I realized how gross it really was. I decided I did not need to take photo evidence of this – just trust me.

Oh well, moving on. 

Pinterest users all seemed to agree this was one of the best ways to clean your brushes…use equal parts dish detergent and olive oil, swirl it around, rinse with warm water…presto, clean brushes!


IT WORKS! The dish detergent is the cleaning agent and the olive oil keeps the bristles soft. I’m probably not going to be doing this routine every week as they suggest, but hey, every 6 months is an improvement over never!

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