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Mommy’s Going Poo Poo

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Since my daughter just turned two, we are in the potty training mindset these days. We’ve received all the coaching from her pediatrician (does she wake up with a dry diaper? Check! Does she tell you when she “goes potty?” Check!)

Now, I must explain that when my child says she has “gone potty,” its always with the phrase: “I went poo poo.” Even if she didn’t actually, you know, poo. It’s always the same alert – “Mommy, I went poo poo!”

Now, I think this is great – a good sign that successful potty training is on the horizon! And I also find it cute. But let me share when this phrase is a bit more, um, not so cute for old Mommy…
After changing my daughter’s diaper (and usually her clothes, depending on the lunch choice), it’s my turn to hit the public restroom. After a dozen warnings to not touch ANYTHING, Mommy can finally take care of her business. This is usually the conversation that ensues:

“Mommy’s going poo poo!”

“Um, no honey. Mommy’s going potty.”

“Mommy’s going poo poo! Mommy’s going poooooo poooooo!”

“No, honey, it’s not poo poo.”

“Mommy’s going poo poo!”

*a chortle from a neighboring stall usually happens around now*

“Honey – “

“Mommy’s going POO POO!”

OK. Mommy’s done. Let go wash…”

“Mommy’s DONE going poo poo!”

“OK. Let’s wash our hands. Out this way…”

“Mommy went poo poo!”

Well, Mommy didn’t go poo poo, but I’ll just go with it. 

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