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Bookshelves and grassy grass


I think a person’s bookshelf says a lot about them. 

Or a lack of a bookshelf says even more. 

I, myself, have quite a few bookshelves. I’ve been lugging these books around, from apartment to house and back again, for years. Some of my bookshelves are dedicated to Writer’s Self Help and How To Be Your Own Literary Agent. Some to religious material or baby advice. The rest are dedicated to miscellaneous literary fiction, bouncing between genres with abandon.

So with that in mind, I pondered today what my bookshelf at work says about me. Yes – believe it or not – my mind was trailing off at work.



My workplace bookshelf selections:

  • William and Kate 

Ah, young, dramatic, aristocratic love. I love The Royals, I don’t care who knows.  Yes, I also own the DVD detailing William and Kate’s wedding. Don’t judge.

  • Swamplandia
I started this book and brought it to work, partly because my dog had a fascination with chewing it to pieces. The only way I can describe this book is its about an amusement part called Swamplandia and there’s a good amount of internal dialogue. (My favorite!!)

  • Eat, Pray, Love
I’m sorry, but…Eat, Pray, Don’t Bother Reading.

  • First Lady 
I LURVE “House of Cards” and book is connected to the British version of the series. As you can see by the placement of the receipt/bookmark, I started losing interest. Stick to the Netflix series. Mainly for Kevin Spacey.

  • Webster’s Thesaurus
I found this while cleaning out an office corner and took it for my own. I have used it zero times considering I have every tool available to me online. But you never know, the power could go out and we may need to know an alternate word for commentary at a moment’s notice.

  • The Difference Maker
I wish I could say I’ve read this, but I haven’t. A donation from a retiring coworker. I never turn down a homeless book, its bad karma.
  • Sense And Sensibility and Sea Monsters
NOW we’re talking!!! A great read, in the same style as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. A must read, on my weird and random must-read list.
  • Angels & Demons
Also given to me by a coworker and never read. Maybe I’m the crazy old cat lady of books.
I’m realizing I don’t finish books I start and then draw uneducated opinions of them. I should probably work on that. Also, I rescue books from potential trash or recycling and keep them “just in case I need something to read.” Considering I barely have time to eat lunch on my lunch breaks, this scenario is not likely to happen. Ever.
And holding all these books up is my little jar of fake grass sitting in a clear pool of fake water and plastic rocks. Don’t mind the dust, that’s how all proper bookshelves are supposed to be.

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