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Leaving on a jet plane

It’s been a long time since I’ve flown. A long, long time. I remember when flying was fun and your family member would meet you at the gate with a big, welcoming smile.

But you just can’t beat the luxury of saving time and ultimately getting to spend MORE time with that smiling family member – who is now just waiting for you in the cell phone lot.

Some things I noticed with new eyes on my recent flight…

1. Many people cough and do not cover their mouth. Too many people.
2. Airports are dirty. Downright gross. And coffee costs double the price of any coffee on the other side of the golden security gates. What else are you going to do? You’re trapped!
3. Why don’t they tell you that checked car seats are placed in some random oversized luggage area? Maybe they do tell you and our airline just forgot.
4. Everyone at LAX is angry.
5. You cannot have road rage and be a car rental shuttle driver. You will go mad.
6. It’s a bit weird to see your pilot eating a breakfast sandwich while you board the plane. But eat on, buddy. I want you alert!
7. It’s cheaper to bring an extra bag than pay the overage fee on a heavy one.
8. Just pay for the cart at the airport to haul your crap around. Just do it.

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