Country Livin’

Photo credit Nicholas Ritch

About a year ago, my family and I moved out to The Country. I haven’t figured out a better way of describing it, sometimes I go with: “We live in a rural area!” It seems to get mixed reactions from people. I think they are conjuring up different images of what The Country means. Maybe we live in a trailer surrounded by a dozen creepy outbuildings filled with who-knows-what? Maybe we live in a giant cabin with granite counter tops and a perfectly-manicured, sloping pasture? 

Photo credit Nicholas Ritch

Well, it’s neither of those things – part of living with lots of space is that there is LOTS of space to keep maintained. Work in progress? Oh yes. 

But you can’t beat the night sky. Every night sky, even if it’s clear or raining or foggy. It always has something to share with you. And that’s a great payoff when you’ve just commuted 45 minutes after a long day of work and you step out of your car to this.

Yep, country livin’ is alright by me.

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