Turning Two




My daughter is turning two tomorrow. Two years old. Only two years on this earth and, wow, has she made an impression. I marvel everyday at how much she has learned and how intensely she wants to learn that task at hand. Seriously, she learned her name in one day. Maybe that sounds strange (um, its her name) but she learned how to introduce herself and properly pronounce her name in one day. Don’t even get me started on the formal intricacies of her tea parties.

Brilliant, I tell you.

Here’s some other amazing facts about my Mini-Me:

  • She whispers: “A storm is coming…” on foggy, afternoon walks.
  • She loves to drink water. Lots and lots of water.
  • Her favorite thing, in the whole entire universe – is to jump in muddy puddles. (Thanks, Peppa Pig.)
  • She likes to wear mismatching socks (what a rebel).
  • She also likes shoes, especially when worn on the wrong foot. (Don’t worry, I fix it.)
  • She has a real fascination with eyeglasses. I think she may grow up to wear frames without lenses. Just because.
  • I believe she will also be a “foodie”…especially when it comes to macaroni and cheese.
  • She is incredibly tenderhearted to her “babies” aka stuffed animals. They need nap time, too.
  • Speaking of her babies, she usually spends half of her nap time talking to them.
  • She apologizes profusely when she trips, to which she quickly tells herself: “It’s okay!”
  • Every night at the dinner table, she recognizes each member of the family by name. Maybe so she doesn’t forget, or maybe because she knows how special it makes us feel.
  • She asks me to sing her lullaby every night. I think she knows it’s more for me, than her.


I could go on and on and on. So tomorrow we will celebrate with presents and cake and cheese quesadillas (another fact – she really likes cheese). But mostly I will celebrate that she is she – the most amazing, new little person I know.


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